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Rules & Regulations


On all School Days, and all functions and outings, every student should wear the prescribed School Uniform.

• Boys: Blue pants or shorts (Royal Blue) and White shirts.

• Girls: Blue Frocks and White shirts.

• Wednesdays: White Uniform.

• Saturdays : Group T-Shirts & White pants.


• Boys: Blue shorts (Royal Blue) and Red & Blue checks shirts.
Girls: Red & Blue checks shirts.

• Wednesdays: Civil Dress

• Saturdays: White Uniform.

It is compulsory for all students to wear the School Belts on all School Days.

A Student who comes to Class without the prescribed School uniform must bring a note of excuse in his/her own School Calendar from his/her Parent/Guardian – else he/she is liable to be sent home. (excuse not more than once in each term).


• A student who mutilates or loses his/her calendar will have to pay Rs.50/- and buy a new one. The Diary part of the calendar is meant for taking down daily home work and other instructions from the Teacher.


• Leave of absence may be granted when a previous written application from the parents/guardian is given and that too only for a serious reason, which should be mentioned.

• In case of illness, on returning to school. Students must bring a note in the calendar from his /her parents certifying the reason. Reasons like "Private work". "Work at Home" will not be accepted.

• Failure to bring a note may oblige the school authorities send the student home even during the school hours.

• The Principal should be informed at the earliest, if due to illness a student is likely to absent for more than a week and a medical certificate should be produced to the same effect.

• Ninth and Tenth class students' parents should accompany their wad in case of absence without prior intimation.


• A student who has been absent from school will not be allowed to enter the class unless he/she brings a note in his/her calendar staring the reason for absence signed by his/her parents/guardian and initialed by the principal. Absence without leave if prolonged for more than ten days consecutively, his/her name is able to struck off the rolls.


• The student must communicate in English at all times expect in language classes.


• A sound education setup, strongly recommends parent -teacher co-operation to establish positive discipline and personality development in every child. The school requests parents to work jointly with the teacher to help their children gain the maximum advantage.

• Parents are requested to go through the remarks and messages occasionally sent to them by the Principal / Teacher in the Calendarand acknowledge receipt of the same. Failure to do may put their ward to great inconvenience.

• The Students progress is assessed regularly through tests, term examinations and internals assessments. The results are communicated to parents by means of progress report issued at the completion of every cycle of tests and terminal examinations. Generally, progress reports are issued within 10 days after the completion of unit tests and within a week in case of terminal examinations. Parents must collect the results from the class teachers on the specified day. Corrected answer Scripts of all subjects will be distributed to the children for the perusal and information of the parents. Parents are requested to sign and return the reports within the next two days.

• A student who destroys/loses his her progress report will have to pay a fine of Rs.20/- and buy another one.

• Parents are reminded that engaging private tutors for their children may prove injurious to their progress in studies. Hence no boy/girl may take private tuition in any subject especially form the teachers of the school without first consulting the Principal and Obtaining his written permission.

• Parents should check all the note books of the children periodically and make sure that the work in all the subjects is up to date.

• Parents are contacted on the telephone only in the case of emergencies such a serious injury, accidents, talking ill suddenly etc. And not to inform them about the ordinary disciplinary measures taken against their wards.

• Parents are expected to intimate the school authorities about changes in residential address.

• Parents are strongly advised to address their problems directly to the Principal.

• Parents, guardians and others should not meet their wards or teachers during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.


• Sending anonymous letters, which serve no purpose. They should meet the Principal in person to discuss problems faced by them or their wards or to give any practical suggestions for improvement.

• Sending relatives or tutors or family friends to collect the reports or to meet the principal when they themselves are asked to come in person.

• Visiting the school to meet the principal or Teachers or their wards at times other than the prescribed time unless a serious situation requires such a visit.

• Applying for leave for their wards for reasons that do not warrant it or by giving false reasons for the same.

• Paying any tips to the school peons and ayahs.


• Admission to LKG is generally done in the month of January.

• Admission to all the other classes will be done in June as per the availability of seats and on merit basis.

• A vacancy list will be displayed in the month of April for interested parents.

• Special consideration will be given to the talented students in games, Cultural and Literacy activities.


• Recommendations are not entertained. The school does not collect any donation for admissions.


• A month's notice is required before a student can be withdrawn from the school, failing which a month's fee must be paid. Those who leave in April must pay their fees for May also.

• Parents must give written notice of leaving the school before the holidays begin. Otherwise the fees for the first month of the following term should be paid.


• Examinations are conducted i.e. three/four unit tests and three terminal examinations including the annual examination. The average of the academic performance of each child for the purpose of promotion is computed as follows.

• Quarterly & Half Yearly Examination Marks – 25%, Annual Examination Marks – 50%.

• The time table for each test is communicated to the students well in advance.

• Attendance at all examinations is compulsory. Hence parents/guardians must ensure that their wards do not miss any examination for any reason like marriage, pilgrimages, pleasure trips, social functions, etc. Parents may note that no re-examination will be conducted for any reason.

• A students who has not remitted his/her fees cannot be allowed to sit for examination.

• Students are promoted to next higher class in April after the Annual examinations. A minimum of 90% attendance is necessary.

• Students who fail after repeating the same class will have to leave the school.

• No appeal for reconsideration will be entertained in cases of students detained in a class.

• No re-examination shall be conducted for the students who are absent for whatever the reasons by themselves in common exams i.e., Unit Tests, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual. However if the student is sent for any School activity to outside during the common examinations time, the School will take the responsibility to re conduct the exams. (Ex: Games & Sports, NCC Campus, Literary & Cultural Competitions)


The school imposes strict disciplinary action in the following cases:

a. Cheating, using dishonest means or similar behavior.

b. Using abusive language or obscenities.

c. Indulging in bullying, torturing or physical fights with others.

d. Truancy during school hours without any explanation.

e. Stealing, destroying, vandalism or other actions causing loss of property.

f. Indulging in or corrupting other students in socially undesirable and immoral activities that harm the school's reputation.

g. Use of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, I-pods etc. is strictly prohibited.


Tuition fee may be paid year-wise or term-wise. If it is term-wise fee must be paid before 15th of the month beginning of every term. Fees will be collected from 1st to 15th of the first month of each term. If 15th is a Sunday or a Public Holiday then the fee can be paid on 16th without fine. A fine of Rs.10/-per day will be levied for further delay till 15th of next month. The defaulters will not be permitted into the class till the arrears and fines are paid. Fees will be accepted on all working days from 9.00 a.m. to 12: p.m. i.e. Monday to Friday, on Saturday 9: a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Fee must be paid by cash. Chwques are not accepted.

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